Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pixar Holiday Party 2006

This Friday was the Pixar Holiday Party 2006. We had amazing food as always but this event was extra awesome because we had a snow hill!!!!! This was really cool and a lot of parents sled down the hill with their kids. Everyone really enjoyed it!!

Jammin' at work

Getting ready for my fake tattoo

Ahh Airbrushed Tattoo?!?!!!

Sweet it looks intense

Snow hill ready to go


Checking out my new camera


Ruth (aka "Springs") with a spring in her step

Sarah Gatarelli excited about stuff

Me sledding down the snow hill at work


Springs just chillin'

Great one of Bill and Springs

Angelique with the Jutan-style "whhhatt upppp" peace sign air high-five deal

Me hangin' out

Kurt's friend Allie from Texas

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