Friday, December 08, 2006

Grammys, Cards and Scrubs

Today was sweet at work, super busy and crazy but aweeeesssssssssome!!!!!!!!!!

Also I found out today that "Cars" has 3 nominations for the Grammys this year:
  • Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance: John Mayer "Route 66" from "Cars"
  • Best Compilation Soundtrack Album: "Cars"
  • Best Song Written For Motion Picture,
    Television Or Other Visual Media: "Our Town" Randy Newman
So that is pretty awesome and exciting. I actually have the Cars Soundtrack right here and it is totally sweet. Pretty cool that those two songs got nominated for Grammys, those are my two favourites on the album along with the remake of "Life is a Highway."

Tonight I wrote some Chanukkah and Christmas cards for family and friends and I'm sending those off soon.

I watched Scrubs and it was hilarious and legendary as expected. It's definitely awesome and pretty nuts that The O.C. is on at the same time, but I have been opting to watch Scrubs instead due to it's amazingness. :)

Another term is starting to wrap up now and it's going to be nice to finally finish school soon!! I am also really excited for my solo backpacking trip to Europe, that is going to be amazing. I'm really looking forward to all the awesome stuff coming up and the next big step.

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