Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tacky Winter Sweater Party

Today we spent some time at the Ferry Building in San Francisco and it was awesome as usual. We went to House of Nan King and walked through Chinatown too, and all that stuff was awesome. We then went to Bill's friend's house for a Tacky Winter Sweater Party!! It was a great time and lots of cool people were there. Good times.

Chillin' in San Francisco!!

Sarah in line for Coffee

Getting Coffee at the awesome place at the Ferry Building

Mmm... Coffee

Happy moment of the day, first sip of legendary Cappuccino!!

Doubling up on the Coffees today

Standing in the rain in Chinatown, San Francisco

Cool picture of me and San Francisco

Sarah and I hiding from the rain


Making faces

Good times!!

Cool long exposure picture that Bill took

Nice matching sweaters!!

Meghan and Alex

Bill in a good mood

Bill's friend being crazy

Kurt doing something

Kurt being nuts

Kurt and his friend from Texas

Me interested in something

Sarah and I pretending to be bored

Sarah and I pretending to be really excited


Nice one of Bill and Sarah

Sarah pretending to punch me

Hilarious motion blur making the punch look real

Meghan and Me

Whhaaat uppp!!

Great one of Meghan

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