Friday, December 01, 2006

Good times, Scrubs and Michael Arndt

Things have been pretty busy this week and kinda nuts in general, but work is awesome and today I got a whole bunch of cool stuff done and I am just loving it. I have been UV Mapping a whole bunch of stuff and man it sure is awesome and fun and amazing that I am actually adding something to a Pixar film. It's still hard to believe even after working here for a year already!!!!!!!!! Amazing, I love this place. We got some new hats in at work today they are sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. I am definitely buying at least the one, it is really cool and has a Luxo lamp (the Pixar logo) and it says Pixar in small letters on the back (and it rocks). :)

I got my 2Gb SD memory cards this week, man that was an awesome deal. I am going to have to buy my camera soon because I am going back to school soon and I should buy it here because it's much cheaper in the States than in Canada. It's like $350 here, and about $550 in Canada!! Insane!! Anyway it rocks and I can't wait to get it.

My friend Joel sent me money today and I bought his iPod Nano 8Gb today, those are awesome and I like them too but it's pretty silly to buy one since I have a 30Gb one already... man Apple is awesome at marketing!! Anyway they are cool and I am going to take that back for him to Canada.

Let's see what else is going on. Scrubs premiere was tonight and it was so awesome and legendary and great as usual. I can't wait to see what they do this season as I've heard it might be the last one and that would be too bad. That's quickly becoming one of my favourite shows. In fact The O.C. (haha yeah, I am still watching that) and Scrubs were both on tonight at the same time... and Scrubs won out.

Finally, one more thing. I went to a talk by Michael Arndt, the screenwriter for Little Miss Sunshine, which is I think one of the best films of the year. His talk was just amazing, fantastic and insanely captivating. The best part was listening to him talk about his own film and the message and what he wanted to tell the audience. It rocked.

My take on it is that Little Miss Sunshine is really just about trusting your judgement and being yourself in situations where you are being pushed by society to be someone else. It's really an amazing message and listening to Michael Arndt talk about the movie really makes me want to see it again.

Here's a cool article I found about Michael.

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