Monday, December 04, 2006

New camera, The Queen and Hackers

Today I got my new camera. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

You might be surprised that I haven't put the batteries in yet and started playing with it!! I played with the one at the store today a whole bunch and it is sweet. I am going to try it out a bit while still here and a bit over the holidays and then I have to give it back to my parents as this is my graduation present. Therefore I'm not technically supposed to get it until I graduate in April!! :) Haha funny eh. But I guess I'll play with it a little bit and, um, "make sure it works", haha man I can't wait.

I ended up getting the Canon PowerShot SD800IS.


It's about the size of a deck of playing cards!!

It is really awesome, 7 Megapixels and has a 3.8x zoom. It has Image Stabilization which means that the camera accounts for unsteady holding in low light, so you can take pictures in low light with no flash and they are not blurry. Pretty cool stuff. I have two 2 Gb SD cards to go with the camera so I think that means I should be able to take about 1248 photos at Large Superfine quality. This is approximately equivalent to 48 rolls of 24-photo film (more like 26 photos). So that's quite a lot. I have so much room because I want to take these camera cards to Europe and have lots of room for my photos. Sweet. When I was in New Zealand for a month, I took about 20 or 21 rolls of film. That is without the ability to delete blurry photos and so on, so I think my 2 or 2.5 month Europe trip will not be more than about 48 rolls of film worth of photos to take.

So that totally rocks. Last night my Waterloo friends from Google came over and I showed them around at Pixar. Then we watched a movie called "The Queen" which I wasn't sure if we'd be interested in it, but it was 98% on Rottentomatoes and it was really good actually.

Today we went for breakfast and found out that the name of our favourite waitress at EBC is Nancy. They totally gave us the VIP room today, at the back where no one else was sitting. It was awesome and Nancy got all of our drink orders right without even asking us first what we wanted. It was pretty awesome and impressive and I love being a "regular" there!! :)

We went to Target today to try to get some Cars toys but they were sold out of the ones I was trying to get. Tonight we got some good tacos and then watched Hackers at my apartment. Haha it was hilarious, there is some funny stuff they mention, like the people in the movie are really impressed that this girl has a 28.8 modem. Haha that's hilarious. I remember getting a 28.8 modem (upgraded from our 14.4 modem) and it was soooo much faster and awesome.

Man I am still listening to lots of Joe Purdy. This dude is awesome. Right now I am listening to the "Only Four Seasons" album. It rooocccks.

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