Monday, December 18, 2006

Back home in Canada!!

It was a long flight home but totally sweet and smooth and no worries, I wasn't over on the luggage this time so that was sweeeeeeet. I met some fellow Waterloo guys at SFO who were heading back after 4 months at Google and they had a great time. Instead of watching the movie on the plane I wrote back to like 25 emails that were sitting in my Inbox for ages. Good times!!

I got home at like 11:30pm and my Mom made me dinner!! Amazing!!!!!!!! I had some really good Tabouleh (and that's saying quite a lot cause usually I think Tabouleh tastes like sand), so that was sweeeeeeeet and also my Mom warmed me up some homemade mini quiches which rocked too and some fancy fish called Talapia. It was freakin' sweet!!!!!!!!! So that rocked and I talked to my Dad a lot about how awesome Pixar was this term and also about a cool John Lasseter article in fortune magazine too. What an awesome term.

It's great to be home and I am excited to relax for a bit before starting school again in January.

Mom bringing me dinner at 11:30pm!!


Dad chatting on the couch

Thomas our cat!!!!!!!!

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