Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hangin' wuth Erin, Ans and Tim

Tonight was freakin' sweet. I went out for dinner with my old friend Erin who is awweessssooome, we got some sweeeeeeeet curry which rocked. Also the lights at Victoria Park in London look awesome and we got a chance to test out our new digital cameras with their extensive/fancy night photo options. :)

Later in the evening I went out with my buddy Ans to get some Tim Horton's Coffee (AWESOME) and then off to my buddy Tim's house in downtown London. We watched Cars which they hadn't seen yet and they totally loved it which was super cool. Ans gave me a really cool Chanukkah gift and I gave Tim a hilarious Steve Nash wrestling action figure complete with a folding chair!! Haha this is a long story but we used to play wrestling games on Nintendo 64 in high school and Tim was always Steve Nash (since he has the same last name) and we always thought the folding chair was a hilarious weapon to use in wrestling cause it was so insane. Anyway Tim loved the action figure. Good times and great to see these old friends that I hardly ever get to see. Aweeeeesssssssome!!!!!!!!

Erin at the awesome Curry place

Random looking off into the distance

Sweet lights around the table we were at

What up touristy picture outside of the restaurant

Haha I have no idea what we are doing in this photo

Sweet Image Stabilization for night photos on my new camera!!!!


Haha and now for a classy photo, good times

Victoria Park gates and Christmas Trees

Whaatttt uuuuuuuuupp!!!!

Timmy Nash!!!!!!!!

Ans with a book that Tim bought him

Hiiigghh Fiiiivvvvvvvee, you liike?!?!

"Now Jutan, you can eat anything in the kitchen, just don't touch the Oreo Ice Cream"... 5 minutes later... "Jutan!!!!!!!! You ate all the Oreo Ice Cream!!!" Today we made up for that legendary event by eating some Oreo Ice Cream!!

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