Friday, December 15, 2006

Pixar team party

Well 'tis the season to party, I reckon!! Tonight the team I am on had an awesome party and it rocked. Lots of cool people there, lots of good food, and awesome times.

Me and Susan getting ready to party like crazy

Alex and Kurt rockin' it


Nigel and John smiling while Kurt and I pretend to be serious for a moment

Me and Zander

Cool pic of Kurt and homeys

Whatttt up my boss Marc and homeys

Word to your moms

Great one of the Sets guys!! Thom, Kris, Marc and Me!!

Bustin' a sweet move

Workin' it

Workin' the food table


Yes, this is Me, Kurt and Andrew Stanton!!!!!!!!!

Great one of Alex, Thom and Andrew Stanton

Just before we all slapped ourselves in the face because we were so excited that we just got a photo with Andrew Stanton (director of Finding Nemo)... AWESOME!!

And just after fake-slapping ourselves in the face

Jutan cuttin' it up!!!!!!!!!!!

I had my coat on and was just about to leave and someone said, "Jutan!! Why aren't you cuttin' it up?!" I said, "Well you gotta do what you gotta do!" Then I took of my jacket and took my wallet and cell phone and keys out of my pocket. In like 1 second there was a circle and people cheering, and I figured I'd better break it down' just a little bit as was necessary... haha sweet deal!!!!! What a great party!!

Kurt and Jim, a Producer at work

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