Monday, December 18, 2006

Heading back to Canada Dec 2006

On Saturday we went to EBC for one more time with all of us there. Unfortunately Kurt (aka "Turkmanistan") had already left for his big long drive home so we called him during breakfast to say "Whhhaaaaaat upppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!"

Well it was an absolutely amazing term out here and I totally loved it. It was amazing, fantastic, legendary... the list goes on and on!!!!!! :) Anyway, awesome times at work but also awesome times in the friend department this term too. These guys totally rocked and made the experience all the better. Rock on, Fall 2006 Homeys!! :)

Ruth in her slick snowboardingy hoodie

Me rockin' on Bill's guitar

A good random pic of me and Ruth/Springs/Sprigs (gotta love the nicknames that don't make any sense)

"Hey, are you B-Dwyin' it?!"

Legendarelli (this is a new one for Sarah, awesome eh?!)

Yischeng, Edgar and Legendarelli

Sweet EBC acttttiiiiiiioooooooon

Tim Chenko pretending to do a Jutan-style "whhaat upppp"

Tim Chenko rockin' CDs and Tapes

P. Coleman on the BART on the way to the Airport

Sweet pic from the AirBART train

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