Thursday, December 21, 2006

Goodbye Wisdom Teeth

This morning I got 2 wisdom teeth out. A little sore for a bit but actually really smooth. As you can see I am still up at 1:53am, relaxed and no worries. It was pretty smooth actually, much better than the first time I got this done.

I am just chillin' a lot at home, pudding, apple sauce and yoghurt have been the main food today. Hoping to move to Bureks tomorrow (a kind of Bosnian rolled philo pastry with feta and spinach in it) and other slightly more solid things. Ate some soup and noodles tonight so that is good too.

So yes the next few days are just chillin', then we are going to do the usual Jewish thing on Christmas Day and probably go to a movie... mostly 'cause it's fun and nothing else is open. :)

Just wanted to quote my friend Ruth from Pixar here, she sent me a pretty hilarious quote about the Coffee we have at Pixar:
Word out, also, to the Peet's in the atrium, for helpfully simulating what it must feel like to be smacked upside the head with a coffee-flavored herring, wrapped around a large gold brick. Not gentle, but effective.

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