Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holocaust Denial "Conference" in Iran

Just in case you haven't seen the news I wanted to point this out and you should be aware that stuff of this nature is happening in our world today.

Iran's President is holding a "Conference" in which he has invited Holocaust deniers from around the world. They have given this "Conference" a fake motive of "Scientific Discussion about the Holocaust." There is no way you can scientifically "discuss" and refute hard, irrefutable FACTS. It is shameful and so disrespectful to give an air of "Scientific Discussion" when clearly the motives are to further push the denial of one of the most terrible events of recent human history.

Thankfully, there are many smart people in Iran with minds that are unwilling to be swayed and maintain an approach that is based on fact and not on feeling, and they are speaking out against their leaders who are unfortunately very misguided on this topic.

Here are a couple of articles you should read.
Please read this and be educated when you discuss the world and especially when you discuss moments of history that we, as a people, MUST NEVER FORGET. We must also maintain a close connection to the facts and not be driven by leaders with certain political intentions.

This quote is from the second article.
If the Iran government and others wish to challenge Israel's behavior toward the Palestinians, which is essentially what this affair and Middle Eastern Holocaust denial are about, they should argue state policy and spare us the transparent injection of bigotry against a people. The injection is lethal. It has no place in scholarship, diplomacy or plans for a just and peaceful 21st century.

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Jeff Albion said...

Yeah, that's absolutely disgusting. I don't understand those that deny the holocaust. There's documents. It happened.

When will people learn that rehashing things based on religious affiliation accomplishes nothing?