Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bordeaux Wineries, Saint-Émilion

Today Ans and I went to the Saint-Émilion area to hit up some some sweet winery action. It was aweeesssooome. We checked out a small winery and learned how the owner prunes the vines every year and when they need to collect the grapes and so on, it is all done by hand and sounds like a very busy and crazy amount of work!! Amazing stuff. Then we went into the town of Saint-Émilion and it was super cool too and we saw some cool buildings and sculptures as well as some good cakes/candy, so it was a good, well-balanced trip. :) I talked to a nice girl on the bus on the way home from New Zealand, she is teaching here and sounds like she has had a great time in France. Ans sat beside her Dad who is also an Engineer so they had a bunch to talk about too!! Good times. For dinner we went back to our new favourite kebab place with two Canadians from the trip!! Tonight I think we're chillin' and maybe going for another patisserie.

Pulling into the winery on the bus

The Winery


Cool barrels of wine

Sweet deals

Haha our crazy tour guide/owner of the winery

And... lots of wine

Me chillin' at the Winery


This place rooocked


How cool would it be to live here?!!

Lots of nice trees

The wind blowing the leaves of the trees

Town of Saint-Émilion

Over top view of the town of Saint-Émilion


Me owning a piece of canelle, some sort of cake pastry deal

Our new Canadian friends from the bus

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