Thursday, May 10, 2007

Last day in Paris: Lumiere Brothers, the start of cinema!

A couple of days ago, Ans and I finished up in Paris. I headed off to 14, Boulevard des Capucines... the home of Hotel Scribe... but more importantly, the location in which the Lumiere Brothers showed the FIRST film projected to the public ever in 1895!!!!! Amazing!!

Then I did a bit of shopping and chillin' before heading back to the Hostel. France has elected a new President, Sarkozy, while I've been here and in Paris (especially, it seems) people are insanely passionate about politics. So there were aparantely some riots and broken windows, but nowhere where we are staying. Some of our friends went to the rallys and said they were nuts, but Ans and I stayed far away and talked to a friend of Ans's who was also at our hostel and chilled before getting ready to leave Paris for Bayeux, a town in Normandy.

The new President of France

Boulevard des Capucines

"Auguste Lumiere" and "Louis Lumiere" salon rooms at the Hotel Scribe

Cool program from the film show

Sweeeeeet!! Projection of the first motion picture!!

The Lumiere Brothers

Hotel Scribe sign

Me in front of the Hotel Scribe

Sign saying that in 1895, at this location the Lumiere Brothers showed the first animated pictures with a device that they created!


Haha "Spongebob Squarepants" = "Bob L'eponge"

Coffee break

Chillin' and having a coffee on the side of this street

Haha, Angie Potts, this one is for you

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