Saturday, May 05, 2007

Notre-Dame, New friends

Yesterday afternoon I met up with Ans at Notre-Dame and we checked out the awesome stained glass windows!! Then we chilled for a bit and walked all the way across the city to the Concorde and then up the Champs-Elysées to the "White Arch" McDonalds and then we got stuck in the rain and it was nuts. We tried to go see "Speeederrgh-Maahhn" (aka Spider-Man 3), but it sold out just before we got our tickets. Then we met up with some cool people from the hostel and it rooocked. We went out for drinks with them, they are all really cool and super nice to hang out with. Good times!! Miranda and her friend are off to Rome today and then Gabriel is also going back to his apartment. Ok, on with the photos!!

Ans at Notre-Dame

Ammmaazing Stained Glass windows

Awesome architecture at Notre-Dame

Chillin' on the Seine river

Awesome sculptures and sunshine!!

Hiding from the rain

Ans hiding from the rain

Anna and I rockin' out

Miranda and I at breakfast


Anna after spilling a whole bunch of Nutella on her pants, haha

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