Sunday, May 20, 2007

Extreme sports in Montpellier

Lam and I are having a great time here in Montpellier. Man it is soooooo nice. We saw a bunch more breakdancing and it was exciting, and we went out again last night with Michael from Scotland and chillin' in the Place de la Comedie. Good times. Ans and I walked a bunch and discovered some cool stuff, and also stumbled across the Exteme Sports festival that is going on in Montpellier at the moment.

Our hotel here is super ghetto. It's actually totally nice and not a problem, but the room we were in sprung a leak, and the taps in the bathroom were drippin' somethin' fierce for quite a while. Ans woke up today to find the garbage can (that we placed below 1 of the 3 dripping water locations) totally full and overflowing. The floor was soaked in the bathroom and the dude last night said he was just the night manager and had no idea what to do. So anyway that was hilarious, but today the dude at the front was nice enough to move us to a different room. Good stuff. Also we caught "Les Simpsons" on TV... The Simpsons in French and it is SOOOOOOOOO funny. The voices are very similar but in French. Marge and Homer sound hilarious in French. It was the old episode where the Simpsons go to Burns' house for a BBQ and end up going to therapy with Dr. Marvin Monroe and shock each other and hit each other with bats. I think it's from Season 1, and yes, it's just as awesome and hilarious in French as it is "en Anglais." :)

Ok, onto the photos.

Market in Montpellier

Me walking in the park

Holocaust Memorial in Montpellier

Ans walking to the canal


BMX biking on a temporary stage set up in the canal


Sweeeeet BMX tricks

Hilarious random dog

Awesome rollerblading

More crazy rollerblading tricks


Super cool copy of the statue we saw in the Louvre

Crazy coloured tram

Another Arc de Trioumph

Ans and Michael from Scotland

Me in the park at night

The sheer amount of water on our hotel bathroom floor (amazing)

A fancy water-carrying system that Ans rigged up using my laundry-line string and the ash tray in the room, carrying the water from the dripping sink to the shower drain. Thank goodness for Ans's engineering degree.

The view from our new room

This is sooooo France. Coffee, Lonely Planet guide, and sorting out future hostel stays with the France Cell Phone. Fantastic.

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