Saturday, May 12, 2007

Laundry, Clouds, and Francais Indian Food

Today was freakin' sweet. We spent the first 2 hours of the morning moving back to our old hostel because it was booked last night and we had to stay somewhere else for a night. Crazyness. We are actually back in the room we were in 2 nights ago!! Then we spent a bunch of time doing laundry. It was SO nuts. Laundry cost 3,80 Euros for washing and only 1,10 for drying!! But the washer looked TINY and the dryer was the biggest dryer I've ever seen!! Insane, but it was actually quite good and the small washer actually fit all of my clothes so I finally have clean clothes again. :) It did a good job (and thankfully it did, cause it cost about $5 Canadian to wash my clothes, hehe)

After that we got a feast again at the Champion supermarche!! Sweet. We got some pretty intense "Chevre Brie", i.e. Goat Cheese Brie!! It was reeaaaally good and we hit that up with some bagettes and other good food too. Ans and I then chilled downtown Bordeaux for a while and eventually walked the entire length of the pier, and there was a cool skatepark along the way. Then we got some coffee as usual and sat down again for like an hour. Man this is great!! After we walked back it was about 7pm so we headed to an Indian restaurant for dinner, and I got "Poulet Tikka Masala" hahaha!! It was freakin' good stuff.

I am heading to Biarritz for some surfing soon and then maybe I'll check out Bayonne where there is apparantely some good chocolate. Or maybe I'll go to San Sebastian in Spain if it sounds good, it sure looks cool there. After that I'm not sure exactly where I am going but probably leaving the French Basque Country and going towards Marseilles and Montpellier. Good times!!

Man check out these crraaaaaazy prices!!

Tiny washers

Huuuuuge dryers!!

And, my clothes were all wet still after drying. So thankfully we have lots of room to hang up stuff.

haha, looks like I brought lots of socks

Tasty lunch, and Chevre Brie!!

Me chillin' in Bordeaux

Cool water fountains

Cloud that looks like a heart!!

Me rockin' out

Haha, a "Colbert" ship

Skate Park tricks 1

Skate Park tricks 2

Skate Park tricks 3

Sweet pier in Bordeaux

Ans chillin' at coffee time

Downtown Bordeaux

Ans at the Indian restaurant

Haha, "Poulet Tikka Masala!!"

Mmm... good food!!

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