Saturday, May 19, 2007

Partying in San Sebastian, on to Montpellier

The last few days have been ammmmaaazing. I was in San Sebastian, Spain and having a fantastic time there. I went out on Thursday and took a really long walk along the beach and chilled with some Hot Chocolate on the beach. It was sooooooooo awesome. Got a couple of videos too I will try to post soon.

After a nice day of walking and chillin' on my own, I met up with the Aussies (Graham, Sonia and Caroline) at my hostel and we hit up the Old Town with some of the staff at the hostel, Anna and Billie, two Aussie girls who were awesome too. Good times. So we did some Tapas Bar surfing, and got lots of cool different food at the Tapas Bars in San Sebastian, fish, artichokes, anise dip for bread, duck and more. Some ammmaazing food. We had a bunch of the Txakoli wine from the Basque region and some Basque cider which was MUCH better at the bar than the 1.30 Euro stuff I bought the day before (which tasted somewhat like old apples that had been sitting out in the sun and then filtered through some dirty socks... not really all that tasty, haha.) Anyway that rocked.

Friday I left San Sebastian and headed back to Hendaye on the France-Spain border. I then took a combination of 4 separate trains (9 hours total) from Hendaye to Bayonne to Toulouse to Narbonne and finally to Montpellier!! There was an old lady on the train that wanted to give me some of her food because I was on the train for longer than her and there was no food car on the train. I told her "Pas de probleme, je suis manger dans le... previous train"... but she thought I looked hungry!! Haha so she had a tomato and a hardboiled egg, and I busted out a plastic knife and we shared the tomato and the egg! Then she gave me her yoghurt and told me it has "plus de sucre" (too much sugar) for her anyway, and I looked hungry. Haha so yeah, people in France are awesome.

So now I am in Montpellier and it is soooo warm here and so nice/legendary. I met up with Ans again here, and he had a great time at the Sand Dunes and then in Carsconne. Good stuff. Last night we chilled with Michael from Scotland (who I met in Biarritz and then Ans met in Carsconne) and just soaked in the vibe of Montpellier. There are two simultaneous festivals going on here, a hip hop/breakdancing thing (Mix Master Mike is playing here?!?!), and a wakeboarding/extreme sport thing. Totally cool and we're going to check it out before we head to Provence and Nice later next week. Montpellier is freakin' COOL.

Ok now for the photos.

Basque Flag

San Sebastian beach

Typical Basque art

Me on the beach

Me chillin' in San Sebastian

The waves hitting the shore

Cool sculptures in the rocks


Graham and Sonia

The Tapas Bars

Having a good time

The dude from the hostel pouring the Txakoli to "airate it"

haha crazy backpackers

Outside in Old Town

Cool atmosphere in Old Town

Mmm... Fish

At Tapas Bar #3

Caroline, Me, Graham and Sonia

Haha the windows had jail-style bars on them, haha


Billie and Anna

At the Bar after the Tapas Bars

Bustin' a move

New friends


"Chill Out Room" at the Hostel

Getting the PJs on

Txakoli wine and random food

River in a city along the train route from Bayonne to Toulouse

Awesome mountains from the train, Lourdes, France

Breakdancing Festival in Montpellier

Centre De La Comedie in Montpellier

Fountains and parks in Montpellier

Haha, Ans outside of a restaurant called "Oh Chinios!" (Chinios = "Chinese" in French)

Franglais at it's best... "Le... Street Hot Dog"

Chillin' at an outdoor pub

Michael from Scotland

Beautiful square in Montpellier at night

Ans and I getting some petite dejeuner (breakfast)

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Gray said...

ha! Nice one Mike, some very SOLID party time shots of San Seb. in there bro! Good to see, ta, Graham.