Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Walking tour of Paris, friends from Waterloo

Today I went to a walking tour of Paris with all my Canadian friends from Waterloo who randomly showed up last night at my hostel!! This was totally not planned and it is great to see them!!

Matt Brown walked into my hostel!!

Waterloo homeys are at my hostel!!

Point St. Michel

Flowers that are sold on May 1st in France

This is amazing, these bullet holes are from the FRENCH REVOLUTION!!!!! History is literally chipped out of the walls!!!!!!

Entrance to the Louvre


Chillin' at the Louvre

Cool Art-Nouveaux Metro entrance

Modern Art

Silver balls

Waterloo crew

Sweet Ferrari

In France, the soda bottles are upside down for some reason?!?! I have never before questioned why they are the other way around in vending machines in North America... crazy!!

French Onion Soup for dinner

Everyone at dinner in Montmartre

Steak for dinner

Creme Caramel for dessert

Workin' a French Hat

Haha we are rockin' the hip hop vibe!!

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