Saturday, May 26, 2007

Monaco Grand Prix, Partying in Nice

Yesterday was NUTS!!!!!!!! Ans and I went to Monaco, a small country that is only one major city and is sortof in France but still it's own country. SO awesome. It was really fancy there and sooooo crazy. Monaco is run by the Prince of Monaco and no one there pays tax or something crazy like that?!! We went there to check out the Monaco Grand Prix, the Prince's Car Museum and the area in and around the Monte Carlo Casino. It was REALLY cool, but at the same time soooo weird to be there. Eventually Ans and I had a long chat while looking over the harbour of thousands of million dollar yachts, and after seeing our 30th Ferrari of the day... the 15 year old in me is SO excited about the fast cars and expensive boats and so on... but the (almost) 25 year old in me is totally disgusted by the over-extravagance, the greed, the fact that some people have SO much, while other people can have so little. Very strange indeed. So yes, Monaco was cool to visit, but it was (and I'm not over-emphasizing), actually MORE extravagant and insane than Hollywood. Soooooo crazy.

Anyway we got back to Nice in the evening and partied hard. It was Friday night and we had an awwwesssome time. Chillin' at the hostel, meeting lots of cool new people, and then going down to the beach to hang out and out to a bar called the Blue Whale (which closed at 4am) for some awesome live music. It was crazy and nuts and super fun. I looooooooove it here in Nice. The weather today is rainy so we are hittin' up some internet instead of running around like usual. Good times.

My Waterloo buddies

Jen, our roomate from Florida State University

Monaco pit crews

Porsche Grand Prix race we saw!!!!!!!!!

Crrraazy Yachts

Some car hit a divider so they had to pause the race while people cleared it off!!

Sweeeeeeeeeet Porsches

Haha, there are rules about what you can't wear near the Prince's Castle

View from the top of the hill

Me chillin'


Super random Octopus statue

Nice street in Monaco

And another super random statue. This time, a bear

Siiiiiiiiiiiiick old school 1950's Lamborghini

Awesome Bugatti


Super awesome Ferrari


I got to touch a Lamborghini emblem!!!!!!!!!

Crazy car from 1907

Ferrari again


Haha, a square toilet

Lamborghini again

Ferrari driving around, one of the 30 or 40 we saw in Monaco in 1 DAY!!!!!!!

Ans and I workin' it on the boardwalk

Insane super-modely girl taking photos of like 10 Ferraris outside of the Fairmont Monte Carlo

Ans and I in front of some super custom car from Modena, Italy



Erin, Jen and Ans

And another few Ferraris

Crazy rules to get into Monte Carlo

Moooore Yachts

Chillin' at the hostel in the evening

Annie et Moi

Haha Annie and I walking to the beach

On the beach

Some random American dude who was also chillin' on the beach

Ans and I bustin' a move

Our "Korean style" photo

Serious for a moment

Haha, best photo of the night

Streets in Vieux Nice (Old Nice) to the Bars and Clubs

Nice random German dude who was taking his friend on his bachelor party

Band at the bar

Rockin' out

Annie falling into the bed that keeps breaking

Sweeeeeeeet car in the parking lot

Our hostel is so proud of it's ONE star, haha

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