Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ola from San Sebastián, Spain!!

This morning I left Biarritz in the south of France and headed on the train to Hendaye station (the station on the border of France and Spain.) Exciting times. Then I took the Euskotren (Basque Train) into San Sebastián!! Soooooo coool. When I arrived I walked with all my stuff and then landed up ok at the Youth Hostel here. Good times. Then I took off pretty much right away to explore. I ended up walking through the Parte Vieja (the Old City), past the Eglise Santa Maria church and all around a boardwalk along Monte Urgull. This was soooo cool and I got some awesome views of the city and the Playa de Ondarreta and the Playa de La Concha (the two main beaches in San Sebastián.) Then I walked along the other side of the Mountain and got a nice view of the other beach, Playa de la Zurriola. I checked out the river and also some other cool stuff in the area. Right when I got here I bought a piece of Kiwi cake and an awwessome hot chocolate, which is super thick and crazy here in Spain. Sweeeeeeeeeet!!

Then I went back to the Hostel to change into some pants and headed back out to get some Tapas (or "Pinxtos" in Basque), which are little snacks served at bars and are sometimes eaten as a between-meal snack. It was awesome and I had to ask the man there if they had non-Pork and non-seafood Tapas!! Haha it was funny cause he didn't know ANY English, and the only Spanish I know is "Ola", "Buenos Noches", "Hasta Manana", "Commo est-a" and of course, "Toilet, please" is "El Bano, por favor!" Good stuff. Anyway a nice cook in the back from Guatemala knew English well and came to help me understand which dishes were pork and seafood and which ones I could eat. It was fantastic. He also poured me a small amount of Basque Wine called "Txakoli", it was good and is served in a tumbler glass with Tapas. Good stuff!!

Ok and onto the photos.

Haha, "Bar de la Gare!" Gare means train station in French.

Ok, this is in Spanish or Basque. Either way, I have NO idea what is going on.

"Hangout room" at my hostel

Front desk at my hostel

Mmm... super thick Hot Chocolate!!

Haha crazy McDonald's menu in Spain

McDonald's "Restaurante!!" The trash can says "Gratias" on it!!

Gangsta clothes in Spain


Ratatouille in Spanish!!

Old Town streets


Roofs and view of San Sebastian ocean



Waves crashing against the shore

More waves crashing against the shore

Walkway along Monte Urgull

Sweet deals

A random seagull

Fruit store

Walkway along the river


Haha, again, Spanish or Basque, I'm still lost

Weird add with some sort of hypnotizing mouse


Fountains in the Centro part of the city

Nice gardens

Haha super crazy elevator door!! You open it like a door with the handle...

then you close it from the inside...

Then the shutter doors close!!

Um... I'll get off at Floor "E"?!?!

Nice bartender at the Tapas Bar

Mmm... Tapas! I could only eat a few kinds...


The Tapas I could eat!! Fish and Sun Dried Tomato, Fish, Spinach Omelet and Cheese with Sun Dried Tomato, all on bread, and served with Txakoli wine

Tapas Bar I went to for dinner

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