Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cannes Film Festival

Today was so FREAKIN' AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I'll start with the coolest part. We met JEREMY PIVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the actor from the HBO show Entourage and the film Smokin' Aces amongst a whole bunch of other cool stuff. Ok enough with the chatting. Here's the AWESOME photo. This was SO cool.

Ans, Jeremy Piven, Me, Sierra, "Turtle" (also from Entourage)

Ok now for more details and pictures. Nice is awesome. We are having a great time here, the beach rocks and we are making tons of new friends here.

Today we went to Cannes and, as mentioned above, it was so freakin' super insanely AMMMAAAAZIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy craaaaaaap we met Jeremy FREAKIN' Piven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we got there and we went with a girl Sierra from the hostel, she was super cool and really nice and came with us today. So that was great. We got there, got some food and headed for the shore. I thought I caught "E" from Entourage (Mark Wahlberg's brother) out of the corner of my eye, and I asked some American girls, "Hey, it's that the dude from Entourage?" They said "Yeah, they are filming an episode of Entourage here!" We didn't even say Bye to them. We RAN. I took tons of photos of all the Entourage actors walking from the red carpet down to the street. Jeremy Piven was there as well as the guy who plays Turtle, E, and also Drama, (Matt Dillon's brother.) SOOOO COOL.

Then we kinda chased them down the street. Haha. We were on the other side of the road and saw them walking along at a quick pace. E was WAY ahead waiting for the rest to catch up to him. Eventually some girls and some other guys stopped Jeremy Piven and Turtle on the street and asked for some autographs and photos. At this point we were still across the road. We waiting until they seemed to be wrapping up and we freakin' RAN across the street. Ans very politely went up to Jeremy Piven and said in a very Canadian way, "Excuse me, Mr. Piven..." and I said, "Dude, can I be a huge pain in the butt and ask you for a photo??!?!" We were SO excited and he said, "Um... yeah sure guys. We're late for work... but we can make it quick!" Haha by "work" he means FILMING A FREAKIN' EPISODE OF ENTOURAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!! So I grabbed the nearest person and they took that photo of us that I just posted above!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!!

Ans and I talked about this for the rest of the day. I think we MIGHT have also seen the Hip Hop Producer Timbaland in a craaazy Audi car but we're not sure if it was him. Also maybe we saw Francis Ford Coppola but we're not sure if that was him either. It looked like it was the Oceans 13 Premiere tonight so I assume George Clooney, Brad Pitt and more were going to be coming down the red carpet tonight but it got too nuts with the huge crowd so we left around 7pm or so. Sooooooooooooooooooooo cool. What an aammmmaaaaazing day. Tomorrow we're going to Monaco, and the Monaco Grand Prix started TODAY. Our timing here is perfect.

Cool Orange tree


Nice at night


Jeremy Piven on the red carpet

Turtle and Jeremy Piven walking down the road


AWESOME Diet Coke with Blood Orange!!

Ans and I on the beach

Cool Simpsons Movie ad

One of the 6 Ferraris we saw today!!


We think Timbaland was driving this car

Cool stage on the beach

The Red Carpet!!

Ans and I in front of the red carpet

Poster for the Festival

Roberto Benini getting an award, haha I love this photo

The crowds waiting to see the Oceans 13 people

More crowds

Big crowds

Haha hilarious liquor in cardboard and plastic containers hanging from metal racks

Then we got V8 and drank a container each to make sure we are getting enough veggies, haha!!

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