Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Chillin' in Aix-En-Provence, off to Nice

Ans and I had a great past few days in Aix-En-Provence and now we are in Nice, France. Aix was super cool and we really liked it there, it was super chill and we had a crazy rooftop thing to sit on (which we "think" was safe, haha), yeah that was cool. Good times. We walked a bunch and found a really awesome place to eat and had a 2 hour dinner (man I love traveling!!) The next morning we went to a market and got some nice bread and some olive spread an about 1.5 Kg of Stawberries which we then totally owned and ate all of them in about an hour. Good stuff.

Now we are in Nice, it is soooooooooo amazing, we are going to go to Monaco and see Monte Carlo and also hit up Cannes cause the Cannes Film Festival is going on right now. Amazing. The beach here rocks. Also we met a bazillion cool people last night and my friend Yaron and Craig from Waterloo were on the beach!! We hung out with them and got dinner with some girls from North Carolina.

Chillin' on the roof in Aix-En-Provence

Rooftop view

Tree-lined main street

Haha, "Aix en Bus"

Cool streets

Hilariously large ear piercings

Ans and I in the square

Haha, "Jutanarie Street!!"

Mmm... "Coca"

Salad for dinner

Rose wine from the Provencal region

3-Cheese Pizza

A huge bus turning a very small corner

Ans's fish entree

I got a lamb thing

Cool ambience



This was SO cool, looks like a Van Gogh painting but in real life!!

Spices at the market

Train to Nice

Me on the Mediterranean

Ans on the beach

My Waterloo friends and Scottish Mike


Me and Amanda

Haha D'Jutan wine

Some more new friends

Ans at brekkie

Amanda and Ania at breakfast

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