Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sunny Biarritz, and off to Spain

Today was super fun, I met a dude at the hostel named Geoff from England and we took off to walk in Biarritz this morning... and then we walked for 6 hours!! We walked all the way to Anglet where the other Youth Hostel is, and checked it out. It looked pretty chill and I liked it... but I wanted to get into some surfing here and it seems like the waves are too strong and there are not many surfers out at the moment. It would be fun but a roommate of mine at the hostel said the currents have been pretty strong and he has been surfing since he was a kid. So since there seems to be a lack of surfers (let alone beginners) surfing here, I think I am going to skip it and try surfing in Italy or somewhere else instead. Also by then the weather will be warmer and stuff too. Anyway so no worries there, so instead of surfing today I walked for like 6 hours. Good times!! I've also decided to go to San Sebastian, Spain. It's so close to where I am now (45 min) and I figure it would be cool to add Spain to the list of countries on my travel list. Should be awesome and should be pretty similar to Biarritz, so I am psyched. There is something called "Tapas" you can try there, but it sounds like it's generally a mix between pork and seafood. Crap. So I gotta figure out how to say "I am a Vegetarian" in Spanish. I could try to explain the complicated Kosher issue but I think I'll just go the easy route and say "I am a Vegetarian" :)

Anyhow, onto some pics.

Downtown Biarritz

Haha funny dog on the way into town

Nice beaches

Me chillin' in Biarritz

Sweet lighthouse

Interesting houses here

Another lighthouse picture

Haha and again with the lighthouse

Rocks and city of Biarritz



haha the hours are crazy here, this is for a grocery store!! It is open from 8 or 9 am until 12:30 (after noon), and then they close for 3 hours until 3:30pm, and then they open again until 7:30pm!! This is a grocery store!! Totally nuts and soooooo different from North America... On Sundays they are open only 9am-12:30pm... like 3.5 hours only. Amazing.

Sweet houses

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