Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Paul Frank store party

Man I love the Paul Frank Store.

Tonight they had their first "Paul Frank College Party" - I got an email last week and pretty much figured I had to go. It was so cool. It was 50% off everything except bikes at watches, so pretty awesome deal. There were free drinks and music, a DJ playing and so on!! It rocked!!

I got a weird fish shirt that rocks, a Paul Frank Julius Monkey pillow (awesome), a sock monkey made out of Paul Frank socks, and a bunch of stickers and pins they were giving away for free. It was really fun. Also super cool was as soon as I got to the counter, the girl said, "Hey, your hair is longer!" I told her I'd finally moved here from Canada and graduated finally. "Are you still working at Pixar?" she said!! Haha. Wow. I can't believe they remember me in that store!! I love that place!! The people who work there are really nice and I guess I must have gone in there a lot when I was an intern here, hehe amazing!!!!! Anyway we loved it, Matt Parrott and I went and then went to sit down at Sears for food but it was $25 a plate so we left and cheaped out and got Pizza followed by coffee. :) Good times.

Someone tonight gave me props for my cool shirt

New shirt, sock monkey, pillow, sticker and pins


Awesome pins and sticker

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Unknown said...

*GASP!* I'm so jealous of your fishy t-shirt! It's so awesome I want one! It sounds like you're having a blast out there. It was really good to see you at siggraph man,keep in touch. I think I'm moving to Portland in Dec. so I'll be able to visit some time! HAHA!