Friday, February 29, 2008

3D Software Maya turns 10 today!

As per Cory Mogk's Maya blog, the glorious 3D Animation software Maya by Alias Research Inc, then Alias|Wavefront, then Alias, then Autodesk... turns 10 years old today!!!!!!

Maya of course being the awesome software that I worked on when I was at Alias, then programmed for at Pixar, and now program for at ILM. Man it is awesome. And for such a legendary and important software product to the entire 3D industry, it's pretty insane that it's ONLY 10 years old. And even Maya version 1.0 here in this image from Cory's blog is running on an IRIX operating system. Well before the major switch to Linux and Windows... so crazy.

Maya Version 1.0 on IRIX!!

That is sooooooooooo awesome.

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