Tuesday, November 01, 2005

3D Ant's Eye View animation

For my Fine Arts class, I am now working on Assignment 4 which is an Ant's Eye View animation. The camera starts very zoomed in and small in the scene compared to the objects. The camera will walk around the scene and only at the end will it reveal the entire scene.

I just started this tonight but spent a bunch of hours at the Fine Arts building doing some modeling. Technically this is a Polygonal Modeling assignment, so I spent the majority of the time doing the modeling itself, and getting some textures together. Here are some views of my scene so far, and soon I am going to get the animation done and then render it in full size.

My scene for Assignment 4, Polygonal Modeling. Some wine glasses, a Nalgene water jug, a weird wine bottle, a Sake bottle and some Sake glasses.

Same scene with bamboo coloured sushi mat, which I will walk along in my animation

A few different views

Some Ant's Eye Views for the animation

Cool reflections

Texture on the Sake glasses

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