Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Garden State, oh man it rocks

Today at school there was a DVD sale and since I have been talking about the movie Garden State for at least a month, and I hadn't ever actually seen the movie... I figured I had better buy it. I kept hearing how awesome it is and since I am (perhaps somewhat) obsessed with the TV show Scrubs now, I figured I'd better pick it up. (The main actor from Scrubs is the writer/director/star of Garden State) Good times.

Worked for a good 5 hours on Concurrency again tonight, and then submitted my assignment and pretty much HAD to watch Garden State. Yeah it was totally awesome. Some super good quotes from it (I'll have to add some to my rotating quotes on my website, hehe) ohhhhh man it was SO good!!

Good to get yet another assignment done and I can feel the end of term almmmmoost there. Found out today as well that I am doing really well in my Fine Arts class. Right on.

Well it's 3am again so off to bed for me. If you haven't seen Garden State yet, check it out, it's really awesome, great dialogue and Natalie Portman is really good in it as well.

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