Thursday, November 24, 2005

Reliable Data Transfer assignment

Well friends, as expected here is a late night Networking Assignment post from me.

I am doing really well on this assignment. I started yesterday and honestly I am most of the way there already. This is nuts!!!!! I didn't expect to move this quickly on it, I've only spent maybe 7 hours yesterday, 7 hours today... so maybe 14 or 15 hours total and I basically already have a (mostly) working solution!! Oh man that is SWEET!! Usually these are 40 - 50 hour assignments at least, so I am pretty happy that it seems to be working well so far.

For this assignment I am transferring a file across an unreliable network and the entire file must arrive safely on the other side of the network as I described before. This is pretty cool and I basically setup the entire Network last night and tonight I did the entire Transport Layer, Application Layer, fixed the Routers so that they have a Static Forwarding Table, and implemented the Go-Back-N static window mechanism to re-send packets that have not succeeded. I am using RDT version 4.0, this is the protocol which has a timeout that essentially re-sends the entire set of "un-acknowledged" packets back to the receiver after a certain delay time. I didn't think that I needed extra Java mutual exclusion here but it seems that it's a good idea to use Synchronized keywords around my methods to be safe. I "think" it is Thread-Safe anyway, but I am not sure, probably a good idea to ensure for mutual exclusion otherwise who knows what kind of weird problems I might run into!!

So that's what's going on in my homework land at the moment, this is going surprisingly well. I have basically written the entire program in less than 2 days so that is AWESOME. I expected this to take me a week, so I have left a lot of time for it. Hopefully I can get it done sooner than expected and move onto the other 500,000 things I need to do before the end of term. :)

Otherwise all is well and I am listening to some good tunes while working, of course the Scrubs Soundtrack as expected but also listening to the Garden State Soundtrack now too, it's also super awesome.

Gotta get started on the next Houdini Assignment at some point, I think it is due next week as well so I gotta get going on that. I bought some garlic bread and cranberry ginger ale tonight for a snack break, man that was tasty. Looking forward to the end of term, it is coming up pretty soon!!

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