Monday, November 14, 2005

Zach Braff's blog?!!! Man this rocks!

Tonight I somehow came across Zach Braff's blog, oh man that is insane!!!
As you can see from a bunch of the previous posts about Scubs ("Man, Scrubs is awesome". "Why is Scrubs the best TV show ever", and so on...), I am now totally hooked on this wicked TV show.

Turns out the lead actor in the show has his own blog and he's posted a video post there to all of his fans, oh man that is super cool. If I am famous one day, then Zach, I will be sure to take your brilliant example. That is amazing, I am totally blown away. I've never seen someone so famous actually care this much about their fans. That ROCKS.

Check out his video post!

Anyway, back to homework and daydreaming about being an actor on Scrubs. Hehe.

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