Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Concurrency Assignment again

I am working hard again on Concurrency. Tonight I fully implemented a uC++ edition of QuickSort which is done partly with recursion and partly with Concurrency. This was pretty good but took a while to get it all working. The second part of the question on the assignment was to take my uC++ code and move it over to Java to get the exact same compilation and runtime as in uC++. This was pretty good as I have already written a bunch of string manipulation stuff in Java for input files for my Networking Assignments!! There was a lot of string and file reading and writing code that was complicated and I already had tested so this was a bit smoother than expected. Good times!!

Anyway it's 4:37am again and I am still up so I better get some sleep! Got my Concurrency Midterm back and I rocked it, that is sweet. I seem to be doing pretty well in this class compared to my other ones, so that's pretty exciting. Hehe yeah I sound pretty tired eh?!

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