Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More culvert action

Tonight I had 3 hours of hardcore Algorithms work followed by 4 hours of hardcore Fine Arts work. You know I'm in school when my idea of "balancing my life" is doing some CS homework and some Fine Arts homework in one night, rather than just all CS homework. :) haha, oh man school is crazy.

Anyway stuff is good though. I got back my last Algorithms assignment and I did really really well, so that was exciting. Gotta finish the next one so I can get onto all the other assignment work that I need to do.

Here is the culvert work I did tonight, I sculpted and then smoothed the base of the culvert to make it all bumpy and crazy. I added some bent versions of my wine glasses and Sake bottle from Assignment 4, and then added electrical wires coming out of the ceiling and some rusty pipes as well. It's getting to the stage where I can just change some small details and lighting and then I should be done this project. For class we need to do a basic animation that just looks around in the culvert, so that should be fun.

Culvert and wires with rusty pipes and textures

More fog

Bent Sake bottle and cut wine glasses

Same with fog

Electrical wires

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