Thursday, November 24, 2005

Transferred a Dave Matthews Band file on my network!

Ok this is TOTALLY awesome!!!! :) I have been continuing work on my Reliable Data Transfer assignment for Networking and since I am transferring byte streams across my network, I don't have to just transfer text files... I can of course transfer Binary files too right? Well this is SUPER awesome, once I finally got my reusable "wrap-around" sequence numbers working, and also fixed my packet headers so that they contain a few bits which specify how much "actual" data belongs in each packet, I successfully transferred a large text file across my network.

This is exciting, but I then copied a 5.2 Megabyte Dave Matthews Band Mp3 file to my school account, and tried to transfer that across my network. 3 Min later, it arrived on the "other side" of the network (i.e. it completed writing the output file to the directory), I FTPed the file back to my own computer and right now I am listening to it!! Hehe it's called "TransferredDMB.mp3" and it is completely working perfectly. How cool is that?!??!?! So I sliced up the file into approximately 5022 chunks of about 1010 bytes each, transferred them across the network, and put the file together on the other side. Very exciting.

Hehe yes only someone who is also in Computer Science will also find this exciting. :)

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