Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ant's Eye View Animation movie posted

Hi all,

Here are a few stills from my Ant's Eye View animation. I have posted the movie to my website and you can download it from: (and click on the larger file, Assignment 4.) You'll also see my Assignment 2 movie there (the ice cream scoop machine.)

I did the rendering last night and I am pretty happy with how the crazy reflections inside the wine glass turned out. Here are some stills that show off the crazy reflections!!

Heading towards the wine glass

Closer to the wine glass

Entering wine glass

Before heading into wine glass

Crazy reflections through wine glass

Other wine glass and reflection of Nalgene water bottle in the wine bottle

Sake bottle, sake glass and wine glass

Walking along the straw "sushi mat"

Final scene in animation

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