Friday, November 04, 2005

A few days of break from homework

The past few days have been pretty sweet. I took a few days off from school work to replenish my social life which has been pretty much invisible for a little while. :) School has been really busy with Midterms and Assignments so it's nice to have had a bit of time to relax.

I went to Fed Hall for Halloween and then went to hang out with some of my old friends from first year, we had a bunch of Pizza, watched a movie, played some guitar, good times. Then we headed to Bomber (the campus bar/club) and danced it up for quite a while, that was last night and it was totally awesome. I have to get started on assignments again tomorrow but it was great to take some time off school.

Had lunch with Matt's brother Anthony today and we chatted a bunch about Co-op and resumes and cover letters and a bunch of other stuff. He is in 2A right now and 2A I think was my hardest and most stressful term at school, but Anthony seems to be getting by very well. The ATM at school ate my bank card this week so I have to go to the bank tomorrow to get a new card, hehe crazy.

Hey here's some other random news, since I was watching Scrubs so fiercely and it rocks so much, I figured I should watch the movie Garden State. I didn't realize that Zach Braff both wrote and directed it, that's pretty cool. Seems like I should probably rent/buy it cause it probably rocks. Natalie Portman is in that movie too, so it's probably pretty wicked, when I get a chance I'll have to check it out.

I am getting pretty excited about heading back to California and some of the plans are almost sorted out. Oh it's going to be SO awesome. Looking forward to seeing some of my friends from last summer too. It's going to be soooo good.

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