Monday, November 14, 2005

More website additions

I just added a "Stuff I like" page to my website listing some of my favourite music, movies, books, food, actors/actresses/directors, etc!!

Yes I know I should be asleep instead of spending hours on my webpage again, but oh well. It's nice and updated now, I am glad I have finally put a bit of effort into maintaining it. Sweeeet!

I should give a "shout out" to Matt's Mom, Hi!!!! Matt came over for a few hours today and his Mom and brother dropped him off, and his Mom says she is still reading my blog. Awesome. Sorry I didn't take your advice and get to bed earlier (it's 4:22am again) - I promise I will soon!! :)

Keep an eye out for more postings of my next 3D animation project. This time it is a 3D culvert with lots of interesting textures.

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