Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pizza, Movie, Foosball at Yung and Jeremy's Apartment

You know it's a quality Sunday night when it includes Foosball. Man what an awesome time tonight!! Jeremy picked up me and Nishant and we headed to his apartment. It was awesome and Yung and Jeremy just got a new Foosball table so we played that for a while. We also watched the "Extended Remix" as it were of lord of the rings return of the king, it was sweet and around 4 hours long. Awesome. I haven't seen it for a while and the effects in the crowd scenes are amazing (fighting, launching huge boulders, fiery stuff, arrows flying everywhere) oh man it's nuts!! Those scenes are super cool and man the effects are awesome.

So the usual junk food, Campus Pizza, candy candy candy and movie watching action was excellent. It was cool to see their apartment as I hadn't seen it yet and they had a really nice view of the city.

Yung and I chatted about school and work, grad school and business too, hehe fun times.

Yung giving us a tour of her apartment

Nishant looking like Pierce Brosnan

Jeremy giving us a tour of his room

Mmm... a view of Wendy's!!

Then we watched lord of the rings return of the king, it rocked

Mmm... Campus Pizza

Sweet new Foosball Table!!

A crazy large duck-like item

Nishant, Jeremy, Yung and Me

The boys lookin' kinda menacing

Haha random photo

And yet another random photo

Group pic with the large duck

And another

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