Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Networking Assignment once again!!

Well that time again! Time for another Networking Assignment and me making lots of posts about all of the crazy Java stuff I am coming across!! Haha yeah good times!!

Tonight was pretty sweet. Instead of spending tons of time finishing the last part of Concurrency, I instead started my Networking Assignment which was a VERY good move!! It worked out very well, I got CVS up and running, and spent a while changing around my old solutions to Assignment 1 and 2 to write parsing for Assignment 3 and also to setup the Network Topology required for Assignment 3. That took a fair while but I think I got everything setup in the network tonight and it should be working which is awesome. The next part I need to implement is Reliable Data Transfer - this means that the wire in the network is overloaded by one of the Routers and therefore it starts to drop packets. But my "sender" router is sending important data which needs to be sent reliably (i.e. the entire file arrives safely) at the receiver router.

This is pretty cool as it ends up that I will send a text file across my simulated Network, and the network gets heavily congested by another Router which is continually sending junk packets across the network, and my solution will handle the fact that I need to get this file across the network despite the network congestion. Very exciting!!!

This is pretty awesome and man I love this class. It's a lot of work of course (as are all Waterloo CS classes!!!) but I really appreciate the kind of work this is. Also it's much more interesting than some of my other classes, the lectures have been really fun and informative and I think I actually understand the Internet MUCH better now. I am really glad I took this class!

I still have a fair bit left to do in this assignment but I made a huge start today, so that rocks.

Otherwise all is well, there is so much to do at school and somehow I think I have an assignment due for almost every single class on the last day of term. Oy gevault.

This term is wrapping up though so it's pretty sweet that I am somehow managing to get this huge amount of work done. Good times.

I bought Shrek 2 today, for some reason Future Shop had it online for $9.99 which is super cheap, and I hadn't bought it yet so it seemed like a good time to pick up a copy.

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