Friday, November 11, 2005

3D culvert and random abstract art

For our next Fine Arts assignment I am doing a 3D culvert (one of those pipes that are usually under a highway) and I will be making a bunch of textures and modeling some rusty pipes, rocks and pebbles etc.

As a start to the assignment I had to get the culvert shape going and in the process of doing that I did some things wrong and ended up "making" some random stuff, let's call it "abstract art" haha!!!

Anyway thought I'd post these cause they kinda look cool. The last picture here is my culvert so far, I modeled some lightbulbs and lightbulb cages today. Sweet.

Wheel with hard shadows and random bump map

Same without bump map

Same with soft shadows

Crazy abstract art action


Sweet soft shadows (took 1.5 hours to render) haha awesome!!

Start of culvert tunnel (abstract style?!)

Culvert shape

Fixed culvert extrusions

Culvert with modeled lightbulbs and lightbulb cages

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