Sunday, October 08, 2006

Airshow and chillin' in San Francisco

Today we went to an acrobatic Air Show in San Francisco which was pretty cool. Before it we went to the Embarcardero and I got some freakin' awesome Coffee and bread and cheese, good times!! We watched the Air Show for a while and then bussed to House of Nan King, then ate a bunch of awesome food, and then walked around Washington Square for a bit, then went out to a cool Coffee Shop in North Beach, then walked back to Ghirardelli Square then walked all the way back to the Embarcardero!! Crazy!! Long day of walking and stuff but totally sweet.

I met the legendary Brian who is now working at LucasArts with Matt. Matt came to hang out with us today too and that rocked. Good times.

I had like 3 coffees and a green tea today, hopefully I won't be up all night. :)


A funny dog that was running around

Haha cute dog

Sweet sailboat

Airplane tricks


More acrobatics

A huge one

The Blue Angels

Blue Angels 1

Blue Angels 2

Blue Angels 3

Blue Angels 4

Sean rockin' at Ghirardelli Square

Me and Brian

Me and Brian

Sean and Brian at House of Nan King

Yisheng enjoying the Chinese food

Me and Matt's friend at House of Nan King

Hahaha fantastic

Sean after dinner

Green Tea

Matt at a coffee place in North Beach

Chillin' in North Beach

Ghirardelli Square on the way back home

Awesome pic of the bridge

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