Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dinner, Movie, YouTube, and some Stephen Colbert

Today was freakin' awesome at work as usual. I wrote a script last week to streamline the current UV Mapping process I am doing, and it is working out super well!! Thanks to this script I am ensuring that I am spending the most of my time and effort on the areas that count, and not repeating work that I can just do well once and then simply copy-and-paste. Good times!!

It was my friend Clint's birthday today, so we got like 10 of the interns together and went out to Askew Grill which is actually pretty super awesome. I got a Texas BBQ chicken skewer and it roooockked. Man that place is tasty. I just got one skewer this time instead of 2, so that was a good call, it's a lot of food.

We went to the movie theatre afterwards to see "The Departed", a Martin Scorsese film. So the cast was amazing, with Martin Scorsese directing this insanely talented bunch, it's no surprise it was a good film... the cast included Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg and Martin Sheen!! Crazy. The acting was superb, Leonardo DiCaprio pretty much stole the show, my roommate and I both think he will definitely be up for an Oscar for his role... it was really well done. Looks like the movie has an 8.7 on IMDB right now.

After this we came back home and I watched the usual John Stewart and Stephen Colbert and it was pretty sweet, Stephen Colbert talked about 2 specifically awesome things tonight, Pixar and Canada!!!!!! Haha it was awesome. His guest was Randy Newman, who has done music and songs for many of the Pixar films. He said, "My guest tonight is Randy Newman." Then he whispered to the camera, "I told him it was a Pixar film!" haha awesome. He also mentioned Canada, specifically an OHL (Ontario Hockey League) team who is actually from Michigan, who named their new mascot "Steegle Colbegele the Eagle" haha that is hilarious.

Haha here's something random, I saw a Facebook group which was against today's announcement of Google buying YouTube?!?! Weird. Something to do with how "most things will be gone from YouTube now because of copyright infringement." That's a bit of a silly argument I think. If you look on "Google Video" right now, there are plenty of Family Guy and Simpsons cartoons that I am sure are not specifically sponsored or posted by Fox. I think that for a company like Google to buy YouTube, it means a lot of interesting new possibilities for video delivery online, which is also the way that Apple sees the future of movie and TV show purchasing... maybe even the future of TV altogether. Very interesting times. I think YouTube is probably very happy to have been purchased by Google, since Google is a very forward-looking and innovative company... this can mean some very interesting and big changes for video delivery online. Cool stuff.

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