Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More Mt. Tam hiking photos

Here are a bunch of awesome photos that Bill took on our hike this past weekend. Mt. Tam is totally sweet and it was a huge hike but really amazing.

Looking good before the hike

Sarah trying to bite me


Doing some kind of dance



Mark and I in a pensive mood

Bill and random hand gestures

Bill, the mad creator

Haha best photo of the day


Me and Sarah

Awesome view

San Francisco!!

Awesome mountains

North Bay

Friends chillin' on top of the mountain


Sarah the hiking fiend

Bill's Stanford homeys

Cool photo

Good one of Mark

Another good one of Mark and Bill

Bill doing some Ninja moves

P. Coleman looking very Top Gun style

Sarah in cautiously optimistic mode

Mmm... water



Me, and the San Francisco Bay Area!!

Me standing back from the edge!!

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