Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween plans, costumes, Alex visiting

This weekend was pretty sweet. On Friday we went to Sarah's apartment and watched some crazy movie that Clint recommended called The Last Dragon. Haha it was totally nuts, a martial arts movie from the 80's with lots of super 80's vibe and ridiculous music and clothes. Pretty fun and sweet martial arts but definitely an insane movie, good times though.

On Saturday, Kevin and I went to Concord in search of Fry's Electronics and a Chick-Fil-A. No luck on the Chick-Fil-A so we got some Manchu Wok and Cinnabon which is probably just as bad. I got a super awesome Passion Iced Tea from Starbucks on the way home, I bet it is just made with the Passion Tazo Tea so I am going to try to make some at work, it was sweeeeeet.

Fry's Electronics was pretty fun, I played around a lot with the Canon Powershot SD 800IS which is probably the camera I am going to buy in December. I couldn't tell if the Image Stabilization really makes a big difference or not, but it definitely did have a nice quick multiple photo feature and it can take widescreen 16x9 ratio photos which is cool too. It is a 7 Megapixel which is almost double what I have now. Pretty nuts but it'll take some nice photos on my trip to Europe I bet!!

Saturday night we went to help Jon and Angelique with making their wedding invitations. They needed lots of help measuring and cutting envelopes and so on, it was fun and I think they really appreciated our help. They gave us some Pizza and candy and stuff which was super sweet.

Today we did the usual EBC and it was pretty busy today. Then Sarah and Kurt and I went off to fabric stores to try to find good stuff for our Halloween costumes. I am going to wear the onesie pyjamas I got at Target with a shirt and a really funny hat with a twirly thing on it that I bought. I got a piece of yellow fabric today that looks like a blanket so that is hilarious too. That should work out pretty well. Sarah and I went back to her favourite little store in Rockridge (man that place is sweeeeeeeet) and hung out there for a while, Sarah tried on lots of stuff for her costume, she is going to be Strawberry Shortcake which is pretty funny.

We got some coffee at this rockin' place and then headed over to Ross which is like the American version of Winners, discount clothes and stuff. Sarah tried on some more stuff there and we settled on some things for her costume so that was good. After that we got some good food at Trader Joe's and then back to Sarah's to eat it quick before heading off to a haunted house.

Lots of my friends from work met up and drove down to Fremont to the Haunted House there. It is apparently one of the scariest in the country, it was pretty scary, we yelled a lot so that was fun. There was a cool 3D haunted house there too so that was fun and a good random activity to do tonight. After that we drove home and everyone was tired so we all went back to our apartments. Tonight I watched Home Alone on TV, that movie is pretty awesome.

Alex my friend from Canada is coming to visit in about 2 weeks, that is fantastic and he is staying for quite a while so that will be good. We're getting lots of plans together to go and visit some of the awesome companies in the area, so that should be excellent and maybe a trip to Disneyland too?!?! Sweet.

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