Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bill's birthday, Bravia Paint and Borat

Today was Bill's birthday so Sarah and I presented our huge stack of cupcakes and icing that we made last night. That was really fun and I think Bill enjoyed it. Good times! Today was a pretty busy day at work, lots of stuff going on and lots of different things to work on. Awesome as usual though, and looks like I'll be presenting some software that I wrote when I was on Production Engineering to my team next week!! Super cool.

Tonight we went to Bill's house in Oakland and he actually had a nice little backyard and patio too, it was pretty excellent. We had a BBQ and chilled there for a while, it was great.

I was just checking out some more Borat trailers and stuff, man that looks hilarious. Check out this insane photo I found from the movie. I think he is driving around in an ice cream truck and there is a bear in the back of it for some reason. That movie looks insane.

A scene from the Borat movie

On, the movie is currently rated 100%!!!!!!! I hope the rating stays very good once more reviews come in, it looks so awesome and hilarious and I think it is going to do very well.

I saw the new Sony Bravia ad from the same company that made the bouncing balls in San Francisco ad. It is ammmaazzzzing. They sync up a soundtrack of classical music to tons of exploding garbage cans full of paint which they explode from a tall apartment building, it's really quite amazing.

Bravia Ad

Pretty awesome eh?! Check out the ad at:

So lots of stuff going on and this weekend I am going to see Dave Matthews again!

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