Monday, October 16, 2006

Egg Cup and onesie pyjamas

Well it certainly was a busy weekend again.

Friday night we watched 2 movies, "The Science of Sleep" by Michel Gondry and the French film "The Vanishing". They were both very good, the first one got a 69% on and the second one got 100%!! Crazy. Anyway looks like we are still making sure to go to and rent good films. It was funny, I saw the list of top 20 box office movies on and it looks like I have seen all of the "Certified Fresh" ones over the past month, and maybe only one of them which was below 50%. Awesome!!! We are just kindof making decisions to go to movies without necessarily checking the ratings and looks like we're making good choices which is good to see!!

The Science of Sleep was very interesting, Michel Gondry is the director of Eternal Sunshine and also of many many amazing music videos for The Chemical Brothers. It was a visually amazing film with some interesting messages in it, at some points it was a little confusing but I think this was intentional. Often it is hard to understand if you are watching the characters in "real life" or in their dreams, and often these worlds are interchanged. It's really interesting and it looked amazing.

The Vanishing was super scary, it was kindof a thriller film, and it was the 1988 version from France. It was more of a subtle thriller than the usual kind of scary movie, but it was definitely totally nuts. The kind of scary emotions that the character in the film is going through are understood by the viewer because they are also trying to understand the story and the purpose for a kidnapping that is not explained until near the end of the film. The whole time the viewer is also trying to figure out what is going on!! It's a very different method of telling the story than the usual kind of film and it was very well done. There was apparently a US remake of the film in 1993 or something, and I heard it totally sucked. gave the remake a 50% rating, haha rough, I guess it's a better idea to check out the original instead.

So that was our busy Friday night. Saturday I went into San Francisco with my roommate Yisheng and we went on a, haha, wait for it... yes we went on a shopping spree. Yisheng said he wanted a "murse" like mine (haha, a "murse" is short for a "man-purse", and I have an Alias man-purse/shoulder bag that I wear almost all the time 'cause it's pretty useful), haha so that is great and he managed to find a good one. I bought a new Tommy Hilfiger shirt which is pretty fancy and awesome and was like 80% off. Sweet. I also got some new Levi's and a new belt which I actually needed. Yisheng had some coupons off for another store so I finally got a bottle of Hugo Boss "Hugo" cologne that I have wanted to buy for ages but never wanted to spend that kind of money on (essentially) smelly water. :) So we got a sweet deal, it was probably about 1/3 of the cost of buying it in Canada so I figured I'd go for it. I also went to the Alessi store and bought this egg cup holder. Haha weird eh? See explanation below!! :)

Alessi Cico Egg Cup holder

So pretty awesome eh?? Well the reason I bought this is not necessarily because I make a lot of hard boiled eggs and need an egg cup holder, but because I have seen the 3D model version of this little guy many times!! Back at Alias, I remember seeing this little guy, I guess he must have been a test model for the project I was working on at the time. It was pretty awesome to see this in real life after seeing it in 3D graphics so many times. Awesome. It was really cool and they were a bit more expensive before, I think they have come down in price so I bought one for my desk at work. :)

Ok after that Yisheng and I went to Chinatown and ate in a nice Chinese restaurant which was very typical and very Chinese, hehe. Yisheng said it was much more food and much better than other Chinese restaurants he has been to in the area.

Last night we just hung around and didn't do too much, just relaxed a bit.

This morning we went to EBC for the usual. After this I needed to get a hair cut and Sarah needed to get one as well so we took off to Berkeley and rocked out there for a bit. Sarah got a cool jacket which rocked and we got our hair cut and then went to Target and got some pretty sweet Pizza Hut breadsticks, man I love those they are soooooooooo good it's ridiculous. MAN that marinara sauce?!??!?!?!? It's so good it's insane.

Most importantly while at Target Sarah found my onesie footie pyjamas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man!!! I have been looking for something ridiculous like this for a long time and Sarah found them today so I totally had to get them. For some insane reason they were only $10 so it was an obvious choice. I got the XL ones of course, they are a bit small around the waist and so on but the length is decent and they will probably work out pretty well. They are glow-in-the-dark with planets and stars on them. Yes I am actually 24 years old and yes I realize I just bought Pyjamas of the 2 year old persuation but I am not too worried about that. They ROCK. And I've been trying to find this kind of thing for ages, so I am totally psyched.

Sweet onesie pyjamas

This evening Sarah and I went to Jamba Juice and got some crazy Trader Joe's action going and then went out with Clint and another dude from work to a place in Rockridge that was sweeeeeeeeeeeet, man I am interested in checking that place out for breakfast too. Of course nothing can beat EBC for awesome friendliness, those guys are so nice and awesome that I love to support their business. But this place might make a good breakfast for days that EBC is closed, hehe. :)

Tonight I had to sort out my courses, I have to sign up for them tomorrow so I needed to get that sorted out.

Looks like this is what I am going to sign up for:
  • CS 492: Social Implications of Computer Science
  • CS 349: User Interfaces
  • MUSIC 246: Soundtracks in Film
  • ACTSCI 223: Group Health Insurance
  • HIST 223: History of the Holocaust
ACTSCI kinda sounds blargh but I need a Math credit and a friend told me it was decently interesting so that is the one I am going for. Although Social Implications sounds kindof ridiculous I hear it is aaweessooome. I am going to still get more than enough programming to do in UI so I am not too worried about not programming in my other course. It sounds pretty cool, an essay and discussion class where you debate the current issues in Computer Science, eg. is downloading and file-sharing ethical and discussions about this weird new Net Netruality issue which has something to do with companies wanting to charge fees for bandwidth and therefore for visiting certain websites. Sounds crazy.

Alright well it's 2:20am so I am off to bed. Busy weekend but totally sweeeeeeeeeet.

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