Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Figuring out courses for next term

Hehe yes I know I should be asleep right now, but I got an email from my buddy Joel asking about what courses I am going to sign up for during the signups which are next week. I am not totally sure what to do because it's my last term and I have to fit in the stuff I still want to take, but also I don't want to unnecessarily stress myself out now that I've already taken the courses that I care the most about and are the most important to me.

I need to take 2 4th year CS classes, 1 Math and 2 Electives. I think it's likely going to be Social Implications of CS (which is going to be sweeeeeeeet!), Soundtracks in Film and Judaism 217. I'm interested in another Modern Film class too which is a backup plan. For Math I am not sure what to take so I need to figure that out. At this point I figure it's got to be either super useful or alternatively, reasonably straightforward. I think I am past the stage of "hard for the sake of hard" - there have been plenty of those at Waterloo during my degree. :) There is a Pure Math class called Elementary Number Theory that would be cool, but I'd really like to take a Geometry class if it was available. Looks like that won't work out so maybe just an easier Mathematical Investment class... not sure there. For the other CS it looks like there are a few options, I think I might end up taking a User Interfaces class, but there is also a Medical Imaging class or another new one called Frontiers of CS which actually could be really cool too. So that is a bit undecided at the moment but I still have a week to decide so that's good.

Anyway I better stop reading this stuff now and get to bed, it's been a long day. :)

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