Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bill's BBQ and party

Here are a bunch of insane photos from Bill's party at his house and when we brought in Cupcakes to work. There are some really awesome pics here, lots of hilarious and crazy photos of me and the homeys.

Sarah and Kurt

Bill on his birthday

Cupcakes that Sarah and I made

Kurt the superhero


Jake and Clint

Bill working the BBQ


Cat that looks like Adam

The cat wants to play

The other cat in Bill's apartment

The best photo of the evening

Weird/hilarious picture of me and Sarah

That bread didn't have a chance

Hip hop flava

Hahahaha Kurt is nuts

The two crazies

Another awesome picture

Homeys 1

Homeys 2

Staged photo of Alex pretending to punch Kurt


Bill the BBQ man

This one is nuts

Serious for a moment

BBQ Veggies

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