Sunday, October 29, 2006

Check out Nathan Matsuda's short film trailer

You know those who are so insanely talented in so many different areas that you almost have to sit down every time you talk to them because you are constantly blown away by their insane multi-talentedness?

Well my Pixar homey/roommate from last term/beatboxing guru/drum master/buddy Nathan Matsuda is one of these powerhouses.

Check out this trailer that he just sent me. This is a live action/CG mixed short film that he is working on. I am pretty sure he did the music, CG, probably he directed it too... I wouldn't be surprised if most of the genius here has Nathan Matsuda to thank. This dude is a total fiend. Check out his video. If you have money to help him make his video, send it to him. He's awesome and really just totally badass.

Oh did I mention he's only 21? Gotta love the kinds of friends I make here at Pixar, eh??! Uber talented, brilliant filmmakers, musicians, etc etc etc. And just a few years out of high school. Awesome.

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