Friday, October 06, 2006

Cars Podcast on iTunes

Hi all,

I came across a really cool thing on iTunes today, a Video Podcast for Disney/Pixar's Cars!! Awesome!!!!!!!! There is lots of filming at Pixar and of the work that went into the movie. It is totally awesome. My manager from last term introduces one of the Podcasts too which is super cool!!!

So that was exciting and tonight we all went out for Pizza and then I came back here to sort out my iPod because the CD artwork was messed up from the recent iTunes upgrade.

I read a review today in Consumer Reports of the Canon SD630 which was the camera I was about to buy this term. It gave it a pretty bad rating compared to some other cameras and said it only takes 160 pictures before the battery runs out as compared to an older version which takes more like 520 pictures so I am not sure if I am going to hold off until a new version comes out.

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