Friday, October 27, 2006

Lots of different stuff to do at work

This week at work has been very different again than last week!! It sure is very interesting and keeping me on my toes!! Check this out: Monday: UV Mapping and Technical Presentation of some software I wrote when I was on PNG. Tuesday: MEL Scripting. Wednesday: Python Scripting. Thursday: Modeling. Friday: Back to Shading?!?! :) Hahaha amazing. So I think I likely will have had a different job to do each day this week. Totally nuts/sweet/amazing. I am really excited that they are moving me around so much, it's really awesome and it is giving me a lot of varied experience, so that rocks.

Last night we stayed really late (until like 1:45am) carving pumpkins, that was fun and I got a white pumpkin and carved a Canadian flag out of it on one side, and the word "Pixar" on the other side. Awesome!!

Here's something random. We went to get our pumpkins from somewhere in Oakland called the "Pumpkin Patch" and they took our photo and put it on their website!! Hilarious, it says "Pixar Crew" under the photo. Check it out!

Here's the photo.

Buying pumpkins

Sarah had a party today at work (this is why we carved the pumpkins last night) and it was really amazing, she set it up really well and the food was awesome. Good Spanikopitas and also Apple Cider too so that was rockin'. I had a late night at work cause I needed to get something finished so it was nice to take a few breaks and have lots of Apple Cider. :)

I saw The Prestige last night, it was a pretty insane movie but really good. The Director is the same as Batman Begins and that was totally sweet. The acting was pretty awesome too and pretty interesting and weird story with lots of twists. It was funny how much they try to explain the movie to you and you never really understand it until they explain it at the end of the movie. Very well done and pretty nuts but totally awesome too.

I am definitely looking forward to the weekend, man it has been a pretty hefty week and I think I've had a cold on and off all week. So it'll be nice to just relax over the weekend, I am not planning on doing too much this weekend, just chillin' and probably getting my Halloween costume together for next week. Sweeeet.

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