Thursday, October 12, 2006

Shading, Courses and maybe Disneyland

This week at work has been totally legendary. I have been moving around to a bunch of different tasks this week, finishing up some UV Mapping from last week and then MEL scripting like a fiend yesterday and then today I am moving onto some very new territory for me... the land of Shading!! Crazy!!!!! This is suuuuuuuuuuper awesome and really cool that I am getting to work in lots of different areas this term. Sorry as usual I cannot discuss specifics of what I am doing, but in general I am now going to be working on shading for a while. This is cooooool because I will be shading a bunch of props in the movie, and I reckon I might have to bust out some UV Mapping again perhaps too. This is great. Another cool and different thing to work on which is soooo interesting and wicked. This roooccks!!

I have seen some of the models that I created (for those of you who don't know, modeling is sortof like digital sculpture), now shaded by the shading artists and mannnnnnn it is so exciting and cool that this is going to be in the movie. What a great feeling of accomplishment this job gives me. Every single thing I get to do here is so different and interesting and awesome... I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. :) I guess the 12-year old Mike Jutan had it right, "Man... I have to do Computer Graphics when I grow up!! It's sooooo awessssoommme!!!!!!!!" :) Sure glad I had the opportunity to figure this out so early on and that I still am totally jazzed up by this stuff. Good times.

Hehe so there is another happy rant about why I love my job. :)

Let's see what else is going on. I am chatting a bunch with my buddy Alex from Canada, he is actually working at Alias now (Autodesk Toronto) and is having a great time. Sounds like he is working really hard and doing a fantastic job. He is coming out here in November to hang out for about a week and a half which is sweeeeet and we are thinking of getting some people together from work and going to Disneyland and also doing a bunch of other fun stuff. I have some friends at Google so they invited us to come see the Campus and come for some free Google food on a Friday night so that should be pretty awesome.

Man I gotta get my courses sorted out for next term. I still think I am going to take Social Implications of CS, User Interfaces, Judaism, Soundtracks In Film and then a Math class. I gotta get this figured out like asap. I just read a bunch of stuff and it looks like JS 217 (Judaism) is running next term and so is HIST 223 (The Holocaust in History). Both of these look very interesting and important for me to take, but I'd also like to take a Film course. There are 2 of those that look great too!! Ahh it's going to be hard to decide which courses to take this term.

Wow I have a lot to write about tonight. I guess that is because I haven't been home at my apartment in the evenings enough this week and there is stuff piling up that I need to sort out, like emails and laundry and sorting out my courses, hehe. Definitely the laundry is piling up and I am starting to run out of pairs of socks that I like. I think tomorrow I am going to have to wear those big huge uncomfortable ones because all my normal sport socks are now in the stack of laundry that I need to sort out this week. Crazy.

Maybe this weekend I shouldn't run around like a maniac again like last weekend, and just stay around here a bit and get stuff cleaned up and sorted out, probably a good call. I want to mail a bunch of postcards to my friends and stuff and I still haven't done that yet. Oy. I also wanted to get started planning my trip to Europe and as expected I bought those Lonely Planet books 3 weeks ago and still haven't opened them yet other than to just look at the pictures and read about Annecy, France. :) Man I have lots of stuff to do. :)

Hehe I guess I should explain Annecy, France. There is a really awesome Animation Festival there and looks like I'll be in France next year when it is on. Maybe I should arrange to get to Annecy so I can attend the festival, that would rock.

Ok what else can I talk about instead of going to bed? Hmm. Well my savings are going well!! Haha. I bet my buddy Jake is making fun of me now if he's reading this. "Jutan, stop talking about random stuff that no one cares about!!" he would probably say, haha. Anyway the savings are going well. I am being careful not to waste money on stuff I don't need. I am going out for dinner with my friends a fair bit, but I'm buying less food and eating less which is good and also spending less which is good too. Pretty much all the money I save this term is going to Europe, so the more I save, the more cool stuff I get to do in Europe. That is a pretty decent goal I think!! Also I am hoping for a monstrous tax return next year in April just before I leave. I am not planning for this in case I don't get it, but I will have paid something like $3500-$4000 in USA taxes by the end of the year, since I've had 8 months of Co-op jobs this tax year. That is pretty awesome and last time I got back about 65% of the taxes I paid, so if it's the same percentage that's about $2600! I am not going to get my hopes up in case I don't get this back, but it sure would be helpful for my trip if I get a bunch of this back.

It would be cool if I had time to learn some more Python scripting, and also if I had time to work on my Raytracer. Haha and also if I had time to draw on my Wacom Tablet at home more often. I also feel like the pace of Waterloo CS is so nuts that I am pretty bad about keeping in touch with old friends. I am trying my best on my work terms but there is always a lot going on here too. I guess lots of people feel like this but oh well I hope my old friends understand. This blog is great for this though, so if you are an old friend reading this, please know that I am thinking of you!!!!!!! Please send me an email if you'd like to chat one-on-one!! :) Otherwise I hope you are enjoying the blog and thanks for keeping in touch with me through this Blog and it's cool that you're interested in what I am up to. Thanks. :)

Well I guess that's enough random stuff for tonight. :) Hope you are all doing well!

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